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DIN 58124
 more than safety.

Scout schoolbags are resistant and robust.

Excerpt from the original text of the German Safety Standard DIN 58124: "Schoolbags must stand up to the expectable strains during proper use". To see if this applies, the schoolbag models are tested with different methods. Here our summary of the most important requirements of the "schoolbag standard":

Comfortable shoulder straps and back padding.

Shoulder straps have to be padded and the width in the area of contact has to be at least 3 cm. They must be at least 50 cm long. Adjusting them must be possible with one hand only, equally and stagelessly. The back of the schoolbag has to be padded in the areas of contact as well to prevent pressure points.

Resilient lids and locks.

The lid of the schoolbag has to resist the expectable strain and the frequent opening and closing of the schoolbag. When being tested for the "DIN" it is opened and closed 4,000 times. When opened, the lid must stay in this position. Any buckle or lock must be burr-free, parts made of metal must be protected from corrosion. 

Protection from rain.

In order to test the bag in respect of water resistance, it is filled with cotton cloths and fixated in a special sprinkling facility. While the schoolbag goes round in circles, it is sprinkled at least 10 minutes with 1l/(m²-min), then shaken off manually and tilted to 45 ° to both sides. Eventually, the cloths are removed and weighed.  

Water-resistant – from below as well.

In order to check whether water enters from below, the schoolbag is put in a container with 10 mm water for 10 minutes. After both water tests, the schoolbag is stored for 14 days to make sure if all requirements have been met.

Resilience of the schoolbag.

After being checked for water resistancy, the interior of the schoolbag is filled evenly. It is put in a special facility and in there it is lifted 100 times by 10 cm and then dropped again. Afterwards, the same procedure happens 10 times from 1 meter height. And only then it gets the seal "DIN-geprüft" (checked by the German Safety Standard DIN).

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