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Scout schoolbags. Always a perfect fit.

Ideally, a schoolbag or backpack for school should fit perfectly throughout the whole primary school time. This is the reason why all Scout models are ergonomic and grow with the child: thanks to the adjustable strap system, the back can be adjusted to the size of the child. The hip belt helps to fasten the schoolbag and provides a perfect fit.

This schoolbag grows with your child.

In order to make sure that the Scout always fits perfectly, we have designed a special back strap system: It is adjustable to every growth stage of the children and thus grows with the child. Clever idea: the integrated hip belt relieves the strain on the back and can later be removed if necessary.

The ideal back padding for schoolchildren.

Every child’s back is different. And all of them need a comfortable schoolbag. This is why we identified – together with the world market leader for bodyscanning, Human Solutions in Kaiserslautern – how the ideal schoolbag-back has to be: slightly contoured and well ventilated, made from comfortably 3D mesh fabric – simply the typical Scout back.

Straps that fit and suit perfectly.

No matter how long the distance to and from school – the schoolbag has to fit comfortably. This is why we from Scout developed the ideal straps: shoulder straps padded with breathable 3D mesh, in ergonomic S-shape and in an ideal width of 5 cm. Chest belts that make sure that the straps do not slip even if the child has slim shoulders. And additional straps for an ideal fit in the shoulder area.

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