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Safety in traffic: the important features for schoolbags.

The German Safety Standard "DIN 58124" is in particular important for students who take an active part in traffic. This is why Scout schoolbags in accordance with this Safety Standard DIN 58124 dispose of retroreflective areas and bright colours which increase safety in traffic.

DIN 58124. Playing it safe.

According to the German Safety Standard DIN 58124, schoolbags should be equipped with fluorescent areas as well as with retroreflective areas. The quantity is specified: 10 % of the visible areas of the schoolbag have to be retroreflective, 20 % fluorescent.

Retroreflective in the dark.

The leading supplier of retroreflective areas, Orafol, provides Scout schoolbags with the glow effect in the dark. The reflective material reflects incident light (e. g. from the headlights of a car) and thus produces a striking lightning effect. In daylight, these areas shimmer matt-silvery. 

Fluorescent during the day and at dawn.

90 % of the distance to and from school is covered during the day or at dawn. This is the perfect time for fluorescent areas; they make sure that the children are seen well in traffic. In the current Scout collection you can choose between four different neon-warning colours, all harmonising perfectly the schoolbag's design. Fluorescent areas in yellow and orange-red fully comply with the German Safety Standard DIN 58124. Fluorescent warning areas in other colours (green and pink), are not specified in the current DIN but also improve visibility of children in traffic.  

Tailor-made safety.

We recommend a Scout schoolbag with retroreflective and fluorescent areas for children who take an active role in traffic on their way to and from school. If the schoolbag should not be equipped with warning colours, a "Non-DIN-model" can also be chosen. These are just as well equipped with retroreflective areas – for a widely visible glow effect in the dark. 

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