Scout Schulranzen


Scout supports children in need.

Hundreds of thousands of children start school every year. Some families cannot afford the usual equipment needed for school which may lead to excluding these kids in class. The Steinmann group has supported different campaigns and institutions that campaign for children in need – and thus contributes to the fact that they can attend school with a Scout.

  • #ranzenfürpänz: "Goldene Jungs" (Golden guys) donate 1,111 schoolbag sets.

    The Carnival club from Cologne "Goldene Jungs e. V." ("golden guys") has campaigned for many years to facilitate  life at school for children from low-income families. In 2018, the members organised for the seventh time the campaign "Ranzen für Pänz" (schoolbags for schoolchildren). Since the double 11 has a special meaning for the carnival club, Scout as promotional partner traditionally provides 1,111 schoolbags.

  • This idea gets more and more popular: in 2018, the Sterntaler Düsseldorf e. V. and Kinderlachen e. V. participated the first time and added another 600 schoolbags. Both associations also campaign for socially disadvantaged children and distribute 300 schoolbags each. Furthermore, the campaign is supported by WvM Immobilien + Projektentwicklung GmbH with a donation of 5,000 Euro, the "SwissLife Stiftung für Chancenreichtum und Zukunft" contributes another 1,000 Euro.

  • The foundation "Helfen ist Gold" (helping is golden) has been created thanks to the initiative of the golden boys from Ranzen für Pänz (schoolbags for schoolchildren). This foundation will support in future social institutions and projects for education, formation, art and culture.

  • Everyone can take over a schoolbag sponsorship for a donation of 20 €. Everyone who would like to take over a schoolbag sponsorship donates directly to: Helfen ist Gold Stiftung, Sparkasse KölnBonn, IBAN: DE88 3705 0198 1934 1493 43. BIC: COLSDE33, Purpose: Ranzen für Pänz 

  • Europe-Orient Rallye 2018: 100 Scout schoolbag sets for the good cause.

    For the 13th time the brave pilotes started their journey into the Middle east – with some innovations: This year was the first year that the rallye was named "Europe-Orient-Rallye (previously: Allgäu-Orient-Rallye) as a reaction to the first-time patronage of the European Parliament

  • So the race won next to Unesco and Scout schoolbags another well-known and reliable partner – for a good reason: The teams would like to contribute to international understandig as europeans and as citizens of the world, as co-founder and organiser of the race, Wilfried Gehr explains.

  • 101 vehicles, 202 participants and more than 100 Scout schoolbag sets started on 5th May 2018 to master the 7,777 kilometers per vehicle from Strasbourg to Jordan. This meant for the around 30 teams more than 20 days driving performance on partly adventorous streets and the special challenge to also deliver the schoolbags in good shape. The schoolbag sets from Scout were donated by the teams on the way to school classes in need.

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