Scout Schulranzen

Trying the
schoolbag on.

Ergonomic schoolbag.

The vertically-adjustable back strap system grows with the child. It provides for an ideal fit during all growth stages and support and relief by shifting the weight to the hips.

The 4 elements of the Scout back strap system.


  1. Additional strap for ideal fit in the shoulder area.
  2. Simple back strap adjustment, accesible through a zipper.
  3. Integrated, vertically-adjustable chest belt helps to hold the shoulder straps constantly in place.
  4. Removable hip belt allows to shift the weight to the hips.

The perfect fit in 5 easy steps.

1. Open the strap-system.

  • Open the zip on the back of the schoolbag.
  • Unblock the adjustment button by turning it to the left (e.g. with a coin).


2. Try the schoolbag on.

  • Loosen all straps.
  • Put the schoolbag on the child’s back.

3. Adjust the straps.

  • Adjust the hip belt (positioning on the hips) and fix it.
  • Draw the shoulder straps – attention: the main weight should be on the hips! With the help of the additional straps, make any further minor adjustments.
  • Close the chest belt.

4. Adjust the back support system.

The upper part of the bag should be at shoulder level. Guidance:

  • S = for small kids with shorter torso (up to 110 cm),
  • M = for medium-sized kids (up to 123 cm),
  • L or L/XL = for larger-sized kids (up to 136/150 cm).

5. Fix the strap system.

  • Take off the schoolbag.
  • Close the adjustment button mechanism by turning it to the right.
  • Pull down the zip in order to close the back padding.
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